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Depression Symptoms






A Vitamin a Day Keeps Depression Away
Treating your depression may be as simple as treating a vitamin deficiency.

Food and Mood
Did you know those carbohydrate and chocolate cravings may be an attempt to self-medicate your depression?

How Modern Eating Habits May Contribute to Depression
Guest writers Ron Hoggan M.A. & James Braly M.D. discuss how the eating patterns of our prehistoric ancestors may not have prepared us for our modern day diet.

Coping Skills for Dealing With Stress
Coping skills for dealing with stress can be powerful weapons in your fight against depression. These steps can help.

Coping Skills for Negative Thoughts
By nipping negative thoughts in the bud, we can put a halt to depression before it even starts. Learn to recognize your negative thought patterns and implement powerful strategies to stop them.

Coping Skills for Valentine's Day Loneliness
If you're feeling lonely, Valentine's Day is just a painful reminder of how alone you feel. Try these strategies for coping with loneliness.

Forgiveness Can Help Heal Depression
Letting go of past hurts is one of the most valuable coping skills you can learn, but the Biblical definition of forgiveness is very hard for most of us to swallow. How can you forget the unforgettable? How can you forgive the unforgivable? To enjoy the benefits of forgiveness, however, we needn't go that far.

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