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Anti-Depression & Domestic Violence Resources

Deep Brain Stimulation
For those who do not respond to currently existing methods of depression treatment, such as medication, psychotherapy or electroconvulsive therapy, depression can be a painful and disabling disorder. A team of researchers out of Emory University School of Medicine may have found an answer for these treatment-resistant patients with a new therapy called deep brain stimulation.

Depression Treatment Types
This article provides a list of depression treatment types that are most commonly used and a description of each.

How Modern Eating Habits May Contribute to Depression
Guest writers Ron Hoggan M.A. & James Braly M.D. discuss how the eating patterns of our prehistoric ancestors may not have prepared us for our modern day diet.

Coping Skills for Dealing With Stress
Coping skills for dealing with stress can be powerful weapons in your fight against depression. These steps can help

The history of domestic violence is not the brightest and purest page in the history of mankind. The more person immerses into this case, the more horrible picture he finds.

Domestic Violence Resource Centre
The newspapers are frequently replete with news about a high-profile domestic violence case where a man or woman is...

Women's Resource Centre
Unfortunately, domestic violence happens every day in the United States. It's a heinous crime that for some men and women may become a significant part of their life.

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