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The history of domestic violence is not the brightest and purest page in the history of mankind. The more person immerses into this case, the more horrible picture he finds. During centuries children have been killed, beaten, sexually abused, rejected and terrorized by adults and enormous number of people (mostly women) have become the victims of domestic violence.

This work is dedicated to the problem of domestic violence and with the help of article "Domestic Violence" by Pamela Prah I'll try to analyze the cases of child abuse and domestic violence and find the methods to prevent them.

In her article Pamela has shown that in recent year cases of child abuse have risen greatly, especially among teenagers between the ages of 16 and 24. The article is aimed to discuss some extremely important problems often passed over in silence by authorities and some social organizations. Pamela tries to answer the questions if the federal government should do more to prevent domestic violence and protect teenagers and if judges and policemen do enough to take care of domestic-violence victims and stop the crimes. The first section of the article that is called "The Issues" is dedicated to these questions.

Then, in the chapter "Background", she tries to find the roots of abuse in general, especially woman abuse. "Early in America's history, women were viewed as the property of men, much like children or slaves, who could be punished physically for not obeying orders"(Prah, p. 10). The progress in solving this problem, I mean, in preventing abuse against women and children is very slow. The third chapter deals with the chronology of the development of domestic abuse, beginning from the 19th century and ending with the year 2005. Nowadays more and more attention is paid to this problem and what is extremely important domestic violence gets military's attention and it's the main theme of the next chapter.

The author gives the results of Special Congress Acts and the statistics show that cases when men and women are killed by intimates reduced from more than 1,500 in 1976 to about 500 in 2002 (Prah). The next chapter describes the current situation and possible ways out.

I've read the article with great interest and though the facts given there are frightening I think it's necessary to know them. This article reflects the current state of domestic violence and makes us think over this problem and try to find ways to solve it. The first step in preventing domestic violence is its publicity that gives the possibility for all people not to stay aside but play an active role in solving the problem.

Then, there are a lot of innovative programs that are fighting domestic violence. Among these programs we can name such as "Coaching Boys into Men", "Out it Out", "Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement and Leadership Through Alliances", "Family Justice Center, San Diego, Calif" and others. They are financed by the government and are aimed to prevent the cases of domestic violence and to help the victims of domestic abuse. Special support centers, which help the victim to come over psychological and emotional difficulties grew during the last decade and it's a good achievement, to my mind.

Horrible sufferings in the family may lead to further emotional problems, problems with friends, relatives and communication as a whole. Negative effects of domestic violence depends on many factors: the kind of abuse, the conditions under which the abuse occurred, the person who committed abuse, the frequency of abuse, whether violence was involved and others. The main aim of modern society is the prevention of domestic violence. To get rid of this social phenomenon completely is impossible but we must do everything in one's power to reduce the cases of domestic violence and now we are on the right track.

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