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Baseball Training - Batter's Edge for Balance The Batter's Edge is the greatest technological advancement in baseball training equipment in over 30 years. The reason is simple - the Batter's Edge is a baseball batting training device that teaches balance and control when hitting a baseball or softball. It is a remarkable tool designed to improve your hitting performance through repetition of best practice techniques. Baseball Training - Balance Perfects the Swing Why is balance important to your swing, you ask? Baseball and softball training coaches teach that balance is the key element for an effective swing. "You can't hit a round ball with a round bat squarely unless your body is properly balanced," says Ryan Gorecki, a three-time Seton Hall University batting leader in the 90's and five year member of the Texas Rangers organization. Gorecki is a firm believer in the correlation between proper balance and control and the baseball swing: "In order to have proper balance at the plate, your stance must be comfortable, and your weight must be equally distributed with your feet and shoulders squared.

Balance must be maintained as you stride into the ball and your bat follows through the hitting zone." Baseball Training - Swing is the Thing Baseball balance training can help boys and girls become better hitters. Gorecki continues, "By staying in balance when hitting, you will be able to rotate on your hips and swing the bat through the zone level, which is the only way to hit the ball squarely. Baseball hitting balance equates to success, and eliminates chopping or upper cutting." Ted Williams, the greatest of all technical batsmen, preached the importance of balance in developing a swing that generates greater bat speed and power through the hitting zone.

Through repetition of proper baseball training techniques, players can improve their batting skills dramatically. Baseball Training - For Players of All Ages A-Game Technology, a pathfinder in technological innovation, has developed the Batter's Edge as the first baseball training tool that teaches balance, stride, swing, and muscle memory. The Batter's Edge is a platform training device that comes assembled and fits in most bat bags. Muscle memory allows hitters to concentrate on the pitch, and not their swing.

It is like having a coach under your feet helping you to master the skill of hitting. Gorecki, batting instructor for the East Coast Sports Academy on Long Island, teaches hitting mechanics to boys and girls of all ages. He recommends the Batter's Edge for baseball hitting drills because it promotes balance by keeping batters on the balls of their feet, allowing a smooth rotation of their hips and weight transfer as the swing comes through the hitting zone.

Through the use of the Batter's Edge, hitters will better control their stride while maintaining their eye contact on the ball. It also teaches proper back foot rotation at the point of contact. "The more you repeat good balance habits, the better you will hit," says Gorecki, "and the Batter's Edge can make the difference in your baseball and softball swing.

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