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Getting in Shape for Swimsuit Season

Its that time of year again. The time of year many are not ready for, but there are some realistic workout tips and swimsuit tips that can help prepare for this summer.

Burn Extra Calories
In order to get rid of the extra winter layer of fat try including some cardio in daily activities. Once the extra pounds or inches are burned, abdominal muscles from the previous summer will reappear. Swimming, biking and running will also help burn extra calories.

Firming Up Stomach Muscles
If abdominal muscles are not as toned as you wish, there are multiple abdominal exercises that target core muscles.

Focusing on different areas with exercises that work upper and lower abs, obliques and back muscles will help firm up stomach muscles more quickly.

One of the nicest things about ab workouts is that they do not require a gym membership. Abdominal exercises can be done in the comfort and privacy of ones home.

The most common equipment used for abdominal workouts at home are the medicine ball and stability ball. Even without the assistance of a medicine ball, there are a variety of other items that can be used to assist in abdominal exercises. For example, instead of using weights for crunch exercises, find a heavy book such as a dictionary. It will add more resistance to the workout and make ab muscles work harder and become much stronger.

Tone Muscles
If arm and leg muscles are a concern, hit the gym and focus on toning those muscle groups. There are many, simple exercises to incorporate into a workout routine that will help fix any problem area.

Remember to work on a number of muscle areas including back, shoulders, triceps and biceps for upper-body strength. To tone the lower-body, focus on calf muscles, thighs and hamstrings. Overall toning and fitness is key to looking great in a swimsuit.

Eat a Health Diet
Now that the cold months and Holidays are over, it is time to start eating healthier, lighter foods.

Several simple tips for eating health this summer are:
- Plant a vegetable garden - it is a great way to eat health, safe and inexpensive foods.
- Eat fruits and vegetables for snacks rather than cookies and potato chips.

- Cook meals at home rather than rushing through the drive-thru and eating a cheeseburger and fries.
- Cook meals that are healthier, have more nutrients and are lower in calories.

The most important thing is to have a balanced diet so that the nutrients eaten provide the needed energy for workouts.

Swimsuit Styles for Women
Every woman wants a swimsuit that flatters her figure.

There are many different styles available for women that help flaunt favorite features and minimize the least favorite features. Check into what colors and patterns flatter your body frame and skin tone as well. The most important things when wearing a swimsuit is to be comfortable and confident.


About the Author (text)Michael Greeves, CEO and founder of Hyperstrike, wanted to develop an affordable fitness program for individuals and athletes that could be customized to their personal abilities and goals, and be delivered to any one, any where, any time. Learn more at http://www.HyperStrike.com

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