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How to Get Free or Low-Cost Treatment for Depression

Perhaps the only thing worse than depression is having depression and not being able to afford treatment. I frequently get letters from those of you who are in just this predicament. I've collected here all of the free and low-cost resources and ideas that I have come across in the past couple of years. I will continue to add more as I find them.


Pill Splitting - An article in the September 1999 issue of Clinical Psychiatry News reports that you may be able to purchase a higher dose pill at a cost only slightly more than the dose you're currently on and split them in half.

In a presentation to the APA, it was reported that patients can save an average of 37% off their current medication costs by pill splitting. A list of the medications surveyed included popular antidepressants.


Needy Meds - This site is a bit difficult to navigate, but all the information you need to get your meds for free can be found by clicking the name of your drug in the list on the left side of the page. They are also trying to sell a book, but all the same information can be found on their web site for free. Appears to be frequently updated.

The Medicine Program - If you do not have insurance and do not qualify for government programs you may qualify to enroll in a privately sponsored program. There is a $5.00 processing fee for each medication requested through this organization, but the medications themselves are free. Volunteers staff this organization and the processing fee covers their expenses. They are basically contacting the drug manufacturers on your behalf. You may also contact these companies directly using the information provided in the following link.

Free Samples - Often pharmaceutical companies provide physicians with free samples. Ask your doctor is he/she has any samples on hand of your medication. I used to get all my Buspar this way.


There are several herbals and nutraceuticals on the market that are reputed to work well as antidepressants and anti-anxiety treatments. They are inexpensive and do not require a prescription. St. John's Wort, melatonin, Kava Kava and Valerian have all been very effective for me personally.

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