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Defining stress is difficult. One person's horrible day is another person's walk in the park. We all have different triggers for stress and different ways that we cope or don't cope. Generally stress is a physical or mental reaction to either internal or external stimulus. Our bodies are constantly adjusting to outside forces; be it temperature, excessive work or even a real or perceived threat. How well we manage this stress can affect our total well being.

Stress is a disease which affects more and more people in the modern society. It determines the hormone release which leads to vasoconstriction and diminishes blood circulation. A stressed heart works slower, breath accelerates, pulse rises and digestion is slowed down. The psychical discomfort provokes physical discomfort.

Relation between stress and disease The relation between the stress and the disease is an interesting issue for every person who wishes to maintain health. Stress determines the hormone release which leads to vasoconstriction and diminishes blood circulation. Affected by stress, the heart slows down its activity, breath becomes quick and superficial and digestion is slowed down.

Almost all the body's processes are in disorder. The psychosomatic studies show the way in which stress factors can cause headaches, hypertension, nervous break-down, some peptic ulcers, etc. Researchers estimated that 80% of the diseases are caused by stress. The relaxation therapy through massage can help counterattacking all these effects. Tips to get rid of Stress If we exercise regularly, we feel better, and activities are less strenuous because our bodies are ready.

Productivity and activity will help reduce stress, as long as it's for yourself. Writing a to-do list will help reduce stress. If you have someone that you can REALLY talk to about your feelings, then by all means do it. Learning to communicate with others effectively will reduce stress. Relieving yourself of bad habits like smoking and drinking will reduce your stress dramatically.

Music. It is the international language of good music that transcends all barriers of grief, hopelessness, and the like. Of course, if you listen to "woe is me" songs, that might not be the best way to get rid of stress. I listen to LOUD, fun music with a beat.

You can sing and dance around, and sweat out the junk. In a sense, you are exercising, so you are getting some of those endorphins pumping through your blood. Talk: If you have someone that you can REALLY talk to about your feelings, then by all means do it. A word of caution though. People like to know that they will be listened too in their time of need.

One sided relationships where one person is constantly moving from one drama to another and putting it all on someone else, is not going to last long. How to Get Rid of Stress with a Home Bath Spa If you have access to a bathtub, then you have all it really takes to create your own mini oasis. Choose some soothing background music that will not overtake the room, but rather help create that spa feel.

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